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11 SEO Bloggers Bloggin – SEO 12 Days of Christmas

“Twelve Paid Directories”
Today: “Eleven Bloggers Bloggin'”

Keep with the trends if you’re serious about becoming a competent SEO. Even the pros (and I use that term loosely) have their pickings of 20+ quality SEO related blogs they visit daily. Admittedly you should have far more than 11 full times blogs but here is my list of the top 11 SEO blogs you should read everyday.

  1. The Distinct SEO Blog of course! (OK, fine, we won’t count it as one of the 11!)
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SEO 12 Days of Christmas – 12 Paid Web Directories

It’s that time of year again! Christmas is upon us which means fun, joy, presents, and the works. It also means a chance to resurrect our SEO 12 Days of Christmas list from last year for a review! The best part, we keep with traditions and update from last year’s postings. You get the latest information SO without further ado…..

Welcome to the third installment of Distinct SEO’s Twelve Days of an SEO Christmas! From now until Christmas Day we will post a brand new SEO tip to the tune of the Twelve Days of Christmas (please insert your own music here.)

It’s tough to get the right rhyme but we’ll make do.

Top 12 Paid Directories That Contribute to SEO – Coupons Too!

“Twelve paid directories…”

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Seth Godin’s Tribes and SEO

I try to read a number of books and came across one that has a huge impact on the overall way we should approach SEO, web marketing, and business. Tribes – by Seth Godin looks like another book on leadership judging by its cover, but since we aren’t at church, no point judging a book by its cover….

Become a Leader in Your Industry

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BOTW Coupon / Discount for December 2008 – 25% Savings

It has arrived, another BOTW coupon that saves you a good chunk of change for new directory submissions to the directory.

The latest coupon enables you to save 25% for all BOTW new submissions to any area. Simply use the following promo code follow the link below and when prompted enter the following BOTW Coupon Promo Code:


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Ezine Article Submission Strategies for SEO Going Going Gone

It’s nearly over, the wave of ezine article submissions is in the tail end of its life. At least that’s what we wrote about almost two years ago. Problem is, people still read old articles on web marketing that elevate this strategy. Does it work? Yes. Does it work well? No. What was once a viable method of both promoting content/products and getting one way links, has turned into an industry with only a handful of viable players. There once was a time where 300+ article directories would be active on any given day. That number is 10 percent the size today. read more…

Rapid Fire: The Skinny On Meta Tags – The Rest

Here is a brief outline of some of the other meta tags other than keyword and descriptions. We’ve learned how meta keywords and description tags remain viable, however, less important when it comes to ranking web sites today compared to the past. The leaves all the rest of the meta tags to discuss, and quite frankly, one doesn’t need to mention anymore.

A number of web page builders will automatically implement a slew of meta tags, the majority, if not all, are unnecessary. Here is a list of meta items that should remain on your website.

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Directory Linking – Gravel Roads to Your Web Site

I’m sitting here in my office pondering my response to a question posed by a client. “I’m going to hire someone from India for $25 bucks to submit my site to 200 directories.” Not bad I suppose, assuming a) he can actually get a link from 200 directories, and b) those directories are actually valuable. Luckily he didin’t spend much money for these supposed links, however, I’ve seen countless clients/web site go overboard in their link acquisitions, trying to score one way links for cheap regardless of value.  read more…

SEO Calgary – Canadian Firms Fall Short

One thing we’ve noticed in our years in the SEO industry is that Canadian firms lag behind their American competitors when it comes to capitalizing on competitive advantages online. Despite being the most connected country on a per capita basis to the internet, Canadian firms are generally slow to explore distinct capabilities online to exceed competitors. In fact, it not only applies online, but Canadian firms tend to be much slower at innovating compared to other companies around the globe. For many manufacturing firms the low Canadian dollar gave them artificial capabilities to compete with American counterparts.

However, with advantages disappearing and the need to capture more sales at an all time importance given the current market climate, Canadian businesses are starting to discover the necessity and profitable benefits of applying basic to intense web marketing strategies for their web sites.

Distinct SEO: Serving Calgary and Beyond

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Distinct SEO Training Program – Learn SEO

Distinct continues its search engine optimization training program designed to give foundational knowledge to webmasters, business owners, web designers, and others. By popular demand we have created a program that teaches the basic components of SEO with the purpose equipping you and your firm with the skills necessary to perform competent and profitable SEO. read more…