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The Next Generation Niche SEO – Mobile Browsing

***This is a repost from August 2006 with some additional insights.***

Looking for the next untapped SEO market? Well for the longest time proponents of mobile phones have pumped web access. The logical connection would be for SEOs and webmasters to start thinking about making their content available to the online world. I say for the longest time because it was 2003 when I first heard rumblings of mobile internet, but the speeds and cost issues have made the impact on the industry very slow. This is also why I’m not saying that mobile search is the ‘greatest’ untapped SEO market to be had. read more…

Keywords Before Markets or Markets Before Keywords?

How to Identify Keywords for Your Website

The old (well relatively new but old in terms of SEO age) question for web marketers is this: how do I choose keywords for my web site. There are a few methods of accomplishing this task, but we wish to suggest a different approach than the mainstream ‘check out keyword suggestion tools’.

Here is an overview of common methods and their overall effectiveness. What we’ll find is that some methods are more powerful in defining targeted keyword sets, or markets, than others. For example….

Some Steps to Finding the Right Keywords

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Facebook Changes TOS: How not to exert trust for your users

Privacy concerns are huge, especially when you deal with consumers. When dealing with consumers you have to protect their privacy and offer assurances their information is safe. Turns out the popular social networking tool Facebook wants to own everything about you FOREVER. Don’t believe me, read this article or read your Facebook TOS.

This is an example of how NOT to play the privacy game fairly.

Google and Yahoo Combine for Content Duplication Control

Google and Yahoo have released news they will support a new tag meant for duplicate content control that you place in your header tags. This tag will tell Google and Yahoo which version of your pages you declare as canonical so various versions (usually dynamic versions) will be eliminated. This means less confusion for visitors and a better index for Google.

For more information click… read more…

Are Longtail Keywords Worth the Time?

*For an intro discussion on long-tail keywords please visit this previous post.*

There are a number of people asking the question regarding the use of long-tail keyword strategies when picking keywords for new content. If you’ve ever spoken to us or read our blog then you’ll know that we never favour writing content based on keyword. Rather, you always write for your market based on your target.

However, one SEO strategy is to watch trends in your log files to see where searchers are winding up on your web site. This will help you identify what new content to create or feature. However, should you dive deeper into the longtail keywords? Should you attempt to capture more of the uncompetitive and low traffic words in hopes of marginally increasing traffic?

The answer is yes if you’re a big huge retail web site, and no if you’re everybody else. read more…

Avoid Flat Rate Packages from ‘SEO firms’

Staying on the topic of avoiding potential problem consultants here is another tip: avoid flat rate packages. Any SEO consultant/web firm that provides 1-5 (or however many) flat rate packages with varying price and escalating services is not really paying attention to your needs. read more…

Protecting Yourself from Under qualified SEOs

Take a quick browse through leading SEO forums, SEOChat, SitePoint, and look in their ‘professionals’ or ‘for hire’ threads. You’ll notice that just about everyone, cousins, aunts, dogs, know how to provide SEO services at a ‘professional level’.

All jokes aside, how is it possible that 16 year old kids or SEOs without credentials win jobs? The answer is pretty simple, there is a market for low cost SEO. Let’s take a look at some issues that show how anybody can get a job in search engine optimization and what is to be done about the issue. This post may also help you to choose the right SEO for your consulting job. read more…

SEO Training for NEW SEOs

Small Business Owners Included

Interested in the web marketing industry and looking to get your start. Don’t have any clue where to begin? With the looming recession a number of folks are looking for ways to supplement their income by picking up on some existing transferable skills and applying them to the internet. Fact is you can learn search engine optimization and other aspect of web marketing in a matter of hours.

Got ideas? Business skills? Marketing skills? Some computer skills? Programming? Well why not work for yourself? If you’ve thought about it now take the next step and learn the foundations of SEO.

SEO Training by Distinct SEO

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Dedicated IPs Versus Virtual Hosting IPs – Seo Value?

Matt Cutts  (Google Engineer that drops hints and info related to the Google search engine) has once again busted another SEO myth. Actually, he’s reiterating a position that Google has held for some time.

It turns out that the push to get a dedicated IP from your ISP isn’t so crucial after all. I have hosted many sites on dedicated ip’s (this one included), and I’ve also done the converse. The results? No noted change. read more…

Rolling and moving

Just a quick note to all our clients and prospective clients, the folks from Distinct will be taking some time off until January 5th, 2009. We’re in the process of taking some time off and also moving our office. We will be responding to emails sporadically so you can try to get ahold of us from there. Otherwise, Happy New Year, we’ll see you all on the 5th!