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Distinct SEO Training Program – Learn SEO

Distinct continues its search engine optimization training program designed to give foundational knowledge to webmasters, business owners, web designers, and others. By popular demand we have created a program that teaches the basic components of SEO with the purpose equipping you and your firm with the skills necessary to perform competent and profitable SEO. read more…

Keyword Density Is Useless for SEO

It’s been over four years but still some people think keyword density has business being a legitimate SEO strategy. Ensure keywords account for 5% of your total content and the magic number should thrill Google. Nothing could be more wrong. In fact, Matt Cutts and other top SEO names have even suggested that keyword density that is similar across numerous pages will raise red flags.
In fact, keyword density is even less important than meta tags since some of them still hold purposes (look back for our Meta tag articles). Keyword density is the percentage of words on a web page that match a specified set of keywords. Old SEOs using this technique feel there exists a magic number that pleases the search engines, this couldn’t be further from the truth. read more…

SEO Content Remains King?

The old search engine optimization adage read, “content reigns king.” For those of you wondering what this means here’s a quick explanation. When creating web sites SEOs, marketers, webmasters, etc., have been told by major search engines to focus on content. The better the content, the more unique, the value to the industry, how it is written, are all crucial factors of providing the internet community with quality additions. For some time, SEOs have specifically said the primary focus to any SEO strategy is to write and provide quality and relevant content on web sites.
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To Link or Not to Link or How to Link – A SEO Dillema

Originally posted in 2006 and updated for 2008. Look around you, the SEO industry is routinely at least 6-12 months behind search engine trends be it good or bad. There is always considerable discussion, in an effort to stay one step ahead of the competition, regarding the importance of the various linking schemes available today compared to the past and the subsequent impact on a web site tomorrow. This article will provide a brief discussion on the various linking schemes and what SEOs should think about them today.

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Re-Check Your Text – Special Characters Affect SEO

We posted this in 2006, almost exactly two years ago. It’s a chance for us to re-visit the SEO trends of the past and determine what changes in the industry have taken place since. Before one of the web sites we used to work on had a regular news feed. Searching for the post I noticed two years ago that the article was #1 for some cool keywords. Turns out upon closer inspection a special character–the ‘ wasn’t a ‘ but a ’ [the appropriate HTML code is ’]–was the aspect that ranked and not the normal apostrophe. Has anything changed today?

Special Characters No Longer Affect Googlebot

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When Geolocation of IP Doesn’t Go Deep Enough

Varying Results for Geolocation of IP Tools

Case: I personally had a web site that needed Canadian web hosting so I could leverage the web site to an exclusively Canadian audience. I went with a host that touted everything Canadian. Turns out when I checked a month later the IP itself was NOT located in Canada, or was it….?

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Non-Profit Organizations and SEO

One of the things nonprofit organizations need to consider just to stay alive is how to use every last donated dollar to its maximum. Churches to other non-profit organizations are all faced with operating on volunteer hours and limited budgets. Regardless of the uphill battles one thing remains certain: the online world needs to be tapped for the non-profit firm. The language people speak today is highly technological so to have a strong online presence, heck, just an existing web presence, is crucial to existence. Having said that Distinct has a program (or perhaps discount is a better word) working with non-profits.

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Get Your Flip On – Value of Domain Name Flipping

So a bit more coverage has been popping up lately for the age-old internet trend of ‘domain flipping’. Don’t know what that is? Quite simply it’s the trend of buying domain names to sit on then sell at a higher price later on. I think almost all, if not all, 3 letter iterations of .com web sites have been taken just cause of their value as three letter iterations. Distinct is getting on board finally with some domain name flipping, but we’re joining the next generation of flippers in terms of our strategy.

Website in question? Drink (.com was taken and we wanted a relatively easy brand name.) Our strategy? read more…

Rapid Fire: The Real Value of .edu and .gov Links

There has been increased speculation regarding the value of attaining quality .edu or .gov links. Many SEO’s and webmasters, largely swayed by the dreaded ‘visible PR monster’, swear that acquiring one way links from domains with .edu or .gov will provide greater PR and eventually higher SERPS than a .com web site. Is it true? Do US government and education web sites hold greater push and pull simply because of their domain name, all other factors being equal?

The purpose of this article is to shed some evidence and practical insights regarding the notion of .edu and .gov links. But first some history.

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Rapid Fire: The Value of Press Releases to SEO

Someone asked the following question regarding the value of press releases:

I am looking for some dofollow press release services that are:

a) reasonably priced
b) allow links in text
c) feature in google news (but not be all and end all)

The Value of Press Releases to SEO

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