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Check Your WebStats – Unused Competitive Advantage

We’ve posted some articles on long-tail and on the commercial tool used to measure the long tail. As I’ve said before the Hit Tail program (script) merely measures the existing traffic that is coming to your site, it’s not the holy grail of keywords, but it is a useful tool that SEOs should include in their arsenal.

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Long-Tail Criticisms – Applications for SEO

The phrase The Long Tail was popularized by Chris Anderson in Wired magazine in 2004. The statistical model with the cool name is primarily used to describe marketing models seen primarily in large firms like, Ebay, or Netflix.

Rather than discussing the mathematical nuances of long-tail, this article aims at debunking some myths associated with search engine optimization and the supposed ‘holy grail’ status of long-tail. Many SEOs have praised the new information and tout its ‘powers’ as crucial to any web sites success. DistinctSEO will invite a special guest to talk about the ‘pros’ of long-tail, but in the meantime, let’s look practical applications from an SEO standpoint.

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The Skinny On Meta Description Tags

This is an article originally posted in September of 2006. We’ve updated it some and posted it for your review.

What was once a useful component to help increase rank has been reduced to a blurb from the past. Some SEOs claimed to have excluded meta description tags since 2002 with no harmful results. From what I’ve seen, there was use for meta descriptions up until early 2004. The question many are asking now, and a valid question at that, is if exclude them will ranks be negatively affected?

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We’re Back

Most of the team from Distinct SEO have now returned from an extended ‘vacation’ (we were away but not necessarily a vacation at all times :P). We’re answering some emails and tying up some loose ends getting the ship back on track. In the meantime, please drop us an email, let us know how you’re doing for regular blog readers, and if you’re searching the site and have a question, heck, contact us too, it’s free u know………..


We’re Off to the far far East!

The entire team of Distinct SEO is taking a month off! That’s what you can do when you employ yourself I guess. We have some folks on contract during the time but they’ll be taken care of. In the meantime, if you email us don’t expect a response until the first week of June. We promise we’ll get back to you then, and maybe we’ll even post up some pics. But until then, happy Summer wherever you are (or end of Spring).


Google Analytics Losing It’s Luster

Greywolf has made his usual cynical/pragmatic take on the recent Google Analytics announcement (check the update when you log into your Analytics account.) Basically Google is saying you can share your data with other Google tools. That’s great! you can benefit from their infinite willingness to help you!

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How Not to Run an Election Online

Wildrose Alliance Party Makes Rookie Mistake

Last week we blogged about how big name companies, even media and web outlets, do not employ even the basics of SEO. This week, we want to show you why having basic knowledge of web servers will save you brutal embarrassment. How’s this for bad.

In Alberta the provincial election took place March 3rd, 2008. One of new and competing conservative parties in the running were looking to steal for votes from the dominant PC party. Only problem, they are so new that people don’t know much about them. How do folks check out the platform and even find out about candidates? Usually online nowadays. Only problem? On election day you couldn’t! It was ELECTION DAY and the web site went down due to too many visitors!

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How Big Web Sites Miss Basic SEO –

I’m always shocked to note how large web sites don’t invest in basic SEO. Seriously, there’s a massive market to be had if a slick and slimy SEO and convince big web sites they can capitalise on some very basic SEO tactics. Case in point? Canadian sports network Sportsnet. I was checking out the latest trade rumors (NHL trading deadline today) and typed in the web site ‘’. Well would you know, error page. What? Sites down?! Too many trades going on. So I put the addy in Google and what do I get? The www version of Sportsnet.

Let me get this straight, Sportsnet, massive network, is so shortsided they can’t implement a 301 redirect for their non-www version to the www? It won’t even load folks! Errors galore! I also noticed they use IIS, big mistake there :P Imagine how much extra traffic they’d garner employing some simple SEO techniques–they’d trump TSN!

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How Fast Meta Scrapers Will Register Domains

I don’t really know what to call them but the whois data reads, “MetaPredict” as the registrant. But first, some context. I’ve been developing, or rather, coding a new design for a web site I own as a hobby. Basically I’m using an old domain as my test server. Easy enough yea? Well I also had some broken links in my design on my server (with an unused and unindexed as far as I knew domain.) Basically I misspelled the domain name of the real web site in some outgoing nav links. In fact, I can tell you exactly how I spelled the ‘mistake’….

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Top 10 SEO Strategies or Tactics That Deserve a Paddling

Jasper SEOHave you seen that Simpson’s episode where Jasper stands at the front of the class laying out the ground rules while nursing an old school butt paddle? If you’ve never seen this episode or can’t recall it by memory then quite frankly friend, you deserve a paddling. Without further ado:

Top Ten SEO Strategies or Tactics Worthy of Paddlings *UPDATED*

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