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Measurement Key for Local Online Success

A number of local (and even international) businesses can’t connect the dots between marketing dollars and sales. That’s important to know, whether or not you’re making money, and how much. If you can’t measure your outputs (probably some form of sales) then you can’t figure out a) whether you’re making money, b) more importantly, WHY and HOW.

The why is crucial because is stretches backwards and says, “this is why you’re making money.” It may highlight particularly effective market segments, or it may point to new opportunities.

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How Does Google Determine Content Quality Without Many Links?

Unfortunately, this video does not describe what its description suggests, “How can content be ranked if there aren’t many links to it?”

We all know that Google is going away from using web links as the primary indicator of page strength (or at least they say they are, when that happens, and if, is anybody’s guess). What we don’t know is how they’d rank content without links. This video doesn’t answer that question directly. It does offer some insight on how Google determines page content validity and value.

Processing New Business Ideas

Everyone has the ‘next big idea’. But if you’ve ever watched Dragon’s Den (Shark Tank for US readers) you’ll notice a trend (or a truth). Ideas are worthless. Anybody can have an idea, but the application, turning idea into reality, is where value is created.

Here’s an idea to get you going (or stop you in your tracks). Take your business idea and the dream you have associated with it, say full-time employment, and extrapolate how much revenue you’d have to generate in order to achieve that goal.

Chances are you’ll be surprised with the result–how hard it would be to achieve.

Of course, you can get overwhelmed and do nothing, but once you have a more accurate picture of the work it’s going to take to turn dream into reality, you’ll be able to prepare accordingly, or simply walk away.

The Story of a tumblr Post and Wordsworth Bookstore

If you’re a small business owner and you don’t believe in the power of social media then here’s a quick story.

There are few quaint bookstores with eccentric bookstore owners left in our city of Calgary. One of the last hole in the walls in the middle of the least likely of places is Wordsworth books on 10th and 8th ave SW. If you can find the door then you’ll enter a realm of books stacked floor to ceiling.

Wordsworth was/is eccentric and eclectic, but had a business model that didn’t suit its downtown market (opening hours were erratic and generally took up the brief afternoon). It’s now closing and in its final days a massive 70% off sale (or $10 for a BAG of books) began to clear books off the shelves.

The thing is, nobody really knew about the bookstore, and even fewer knew about the sale, until the last few days because of a tumblr post.
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Why Most Brands Aren’t Memorable

Surprisingly, few online retailers and business owners comprehend some fundamentals of business. Online there are even fewer aspects of your business model that are distinct competitive advantages. In fact, the one you should pay attention to and develop, because it’s practically the only one, is your brand.

Yet, when it comes to branding, most businesses, regardless of size, don’t pay too much attention to brand. They hire someone to do their ‘logo’ and assume that’s the brand.

Brand is the story about your product/service/company. If you’re story is enticing enough, you’ll have a more memorable brand, not because of the story and the service, but because of the new evangelists (customers turned evangelists) that hype your product.

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When Does Guest Blogging Make Sense?

When does guest blogging offer benefits to your website? The answer isn’t ‘never’, but it’s not ‘always’.

One thing is certain, as a tactic to get legitimate incoming web links, it’s quickly fallen by the wayside. It seems the guest blogging craze came and went in a matter of years. Google quickly picked up on the practice, noted it was subject to abuse, and has been de-valuing ever since.

Guest blogging and content strategies started out with semi-good intentions–providing unique and relevant content was supposed to be what Google wanted the most. But unique content is different than lasting contributing content. It seems Google can tell the difference. Not only that, Google has largely thrown out the baby with the bath water advising SEOs and the like to steer away from guest blogging platforms as a means to acquire links.

Don’t believe me, here’s what they have to say about the subject.
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Content Marketing Strategies Gone

Remember this post over 4 years ago, “the death of ezines“? It didn’t take a rocket scientist to observe that abuse that past ezine directories incited. It was a free way to get links and so terrible and spammy content flooded the service.

Generally speaking, any link acquisition strategy that starts to look like spam, or experiences a decrease in obvious quality, has ceased to become a viable means of attracting incoming web links.

Put it this way, if you can tell a website/service looks spammy, how long ago did Google figure it out. Probably a lot earlier than you.

So how should one approach content marketing strategies?
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Facebook Demographic Shifts to Laggards

Check out this link for an interesting graph from istrategylabs that compares user data from Facebook from 2011 to 2014.

The data shows what many have noticed already, it’s uncool to use Facebook. Or at least it’s uncool if you’re under the age of 17 and your grandma uses Bookface. Total Facebook users have in fact increased, but lost are the new generation of users who are off to micro blogging/ micro social media platforms they can quickly use with their mobile devices (i.e. SnapChat and Instagram).

The Facebook demographic shift follows a normal distribution curve of product adoption as well.

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Privacy and the Social Media Conundrum

As of this moment take a look at your Facebook account and then look at the Groups section. Notice any difference. Wait a minute! You left the group years ago, why are you magically back. Or perhaps you’re a Group administrator and in a blink of an eye all those people you booted are BACK reading and downloading.

Yes, there was a time when you could kick and scream about privacy. One could maintain a clandestine existence. Today, not so much. Rather than rejecting various forms of online socialism, which doesn’t work, people are starting to realize today’s world is more about controlling message rather than existence.

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Integrating SEO Within a Proper Business Plan

Here’s a worthy piece we wrote over a year ago about SEO and it’s place in a proper business plan.

A brief browse through SEO/Webmaster forums reveal multitudes of SEO information that equips any webmaster and aspiring SEO consultant to enter ‘the game’. With all the information, how can one correctly apply SEO to their business plan? Where does SEO fit in? Is it a marketing item, a strategy item, all of the above? This article will outline some basic suggestions for small business webmasters looking to include SEO within a coherent business strategy plan.

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Distinct SEO WordPress Set Up and Plugins

*We’ve updated this post originally published at the end of September, 2009. A lot has changed since then :D*

WordPress is probably the easiest and most malleable blog tool on the web that functions on Apache. Although it doesn’t permit complete customization, it does provide a solid blogging tool with many additions to keep you’re information and SEO needs satisfied.

We don’t use many plugins, but over the years Distinct SEO has learned a few things through trials and tribulations. Here is a list of some of the plugins we use ideal for building a community and optimizing wordpress blogs.

Top WordPress Plugins for Search Engine Optimization

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