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Twitter Analytics Nears

An integrated analytics tool will roll out for Twitter users in the coming weeks. The Twitter Web Analytics will permit users:

– Understand how much your website content is being shared across the Twitter network
– See the amount of traffic Twitter sends to your site
– Measure the effectiveness of your Tweet Button integration

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Linkedin Surpasses MySpace – Facebook Hits 750 Million

After their initial IPO some more good news from Linkedin as they surpassed the quickly fading debacle that is now MySpace. Linkedin is now a distant second when it comes to social websites with just under 34 million June visitors.

Twitter is sitting fourth but is still pulling in monthly gains, they also sit second in terms of total search traffic.

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Yahoo Site Explorer to Shut Down (For Real This Time)

Market watchers will know that bad news usually comes out on Friday afternoon. Bad news for the SEO world came from Yahoo Search on Friday afternoon confirming the death of Yahoo Site Explorer (YSE).

YSE was kind of like an early version of GWT (Google Webmaster Tools) with one very notable difference: YSE provided competitor link information on incoming web links, the only major search engine to reveal that kind of information publicly. read more…

When Link Building Tactics Stop Working

We’re getting an increased number of inquiries from prospective clients looking for web promotion/link building services. The #1 reason why is that their current off-shore (or closer to home) ‘web marketers’ aren’t doing the job.

Why is that?

Google is continually improving their ranking algorithms which means they’re always getting smarter at detecting quality links over spam. So many businesses trying to get a leg up on competitors have pursued poor links because of their short term value and now are getting killed in the search rankings

So now what? read more…

Why Any Monkey Can Do SEO

SEO is kind of like photography. Any monkey with a camera can take a picture. Likewise, any monkey can learn SEO in a matter of hours. We can teach the foundations for SEO in about two hours that would set up any webmaster with 90% of the skills they need to meet the latest standards and guidelines.

In photography there’s a wide margin between amateur hack and seasoned vet. The vet knows everything about light, aperture, shutter speed, etc., that combine for a great shot. In SEO what separates the hacks from the pros isn’t greater technical knowledge but great creativity. read more…

The Importance of Consumer Reviews for your Business

A common misconception of ‘social media’ is that it only takes place on ‘social media’ websites like Facebook or Twitter. Just as social bookmarking websites (Digg, Reddit, Newsvine, etc.) are important components of a holistic social media strategy, so to are consumer driven comments.

The broad ‘social media’ sphere includes other tactics that includes the vastly important customer review. read more…

How Twitter Could Have Helped Bin Laden Escape

Social media played a major role last night, but it could have been even bigger.

Firstly, yet again, major news was broken not by major media networks, but rather by an insider, a source close to, of all people, George Bush.
urbahan twitter
Keith Urbahn, the former chief of staff for Donald Rumsfeld and the former U.S. defence secretary under President George W. Bush, leaked the news. Major news outlets picked it up and cited him as a ‘reputable source’ without actually naming him. From careless tweeting by a former defence secretary to early reporting, Twitter has demonstrated a powerful change in the way we receive and push information.

Not only was the death reported early by a nobody, Bin Ladin himself could have escaped capture by employing targeted Twitter alerts. read more…

Brand Control – Removing Your Name and Info from the Web

As a web marketer I’m aware of all the search parameters, and some insider ones too, used to find info on the web. When it comes to individuals, groups, or brands, I can find out just about anything I want.

Little do people know (or maybe we do?) the EXTENT the digital age has turned privacy upside down. It’s impossible to hide.

Everyone’s done it: Googled your name. But what you see on the surface may not be the only story. Take for example the latest work we did for an individual trying to erase his digital footprint online. Easier said than done, but we managed to take care of most of the ‘exposure’. Here’s how. read more…

How to Protect Yourself From Content Theft

Matt Cutts, Google search quality control dude, posted this answer on Youtube to a question regarding stolen content (I won’t be discussing stolen images in this article).

We’ve all faced this issue, (or at least, anybody who’s written something of value has), where you’ve written an article and someone rips it off. What can you do? Send a strongly worded email? File a DMCA report? That’s probably not your best bet. read more…

Canadian Election to See Mass Social Media Use

With an election call around the corner for May, Canadians are going to be inundated with a first–the use of social media by candidates vying for parliament seats.

In the span of 2 years the rise of social media tools, most notably Facebook and Twitter, make them ideal platforms to engage voters effective.

The use of these tools, however, must be guided with a poignant strategy. read more…

Google Panda Update Spanks Content Farms

The latest round of updates from Google–dubbed Panda–leaves content farms at the short end of the stick.

Some context. Google adjusts their ranking algorithms daily. Sometimes they make larger tweaks that tend to catch the attention of SEOs (and those who track Google changes.)

There was a time when Google adjusted bi-annually and it REALLY changed the search results. Then they moved to a quarterly frequency, and then they began to churn out regular updates more efficiently that we rarely noticed.

Many have noticed the effects of Panda. read more…

Huffington Post is the New Version of Content Farms

So you wrote a fantastic article, or better yet, a witty Tweet.

You don’t receive exposure on your own might, but the newly anointed news juggernaut Huffington Post picks it up, puts your tweet in its own unique page, wraps HuffPo ads around it, and calls it their own (they probably give you attribution credit).

This is an issue because Huffington Post routinely ranks for major news stories and trending topics in EVERYTHING. Yet, their own unique content is thin.

Why does Google allow them to dominate for what is essentially duplicate/stolen content? read more…