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Calgary Election an Excercise in Social Media: Lessons Learned

Why Nenshi Won and How an MLA will Lose his Job

I tweeted this at the beginning of August about Naheed Nenshi’s mayoral campaign that was just getting off the ground:

@nenshi will win the mayorship if he mobilizes the under 30 vote a la Obama. #yyc #calgary

Naheed won and he did it by doing what I said and MORE. He employed tactics Obama used which were quite simply competent communication. Now, Naheed didn’t win solely based on his fantastic using social media campaign (rest assured every candidate in four years will have EXTENSIVE social media campaigns, no more surprises), but social media DID enable him to get his message across to the masses (from 3% to 40% support).

But there are three stories from this election that solidify social media as crucial player in the world of marketing. read more…

Suncor: Human Resource, PR, and Social Media Fail

Another big corporation has collected the colloquial ‘FAIL’ tag after a recent blogger exposed poor living conditions in some oil rig sites in Alberta.

The result? The pictures hit the net, the dude gets the axe.

Seems like the typical response from a monster corporation–pretend you’re a big jerk and eliminate dissent by pretending it doesn’t exist.

Today’s marketplace actually responds in a different way. Honestly is highly regarded and is also rewarded. Don’t believe me? Remember how people felt when we found out BP tried lying about the size of the oil spill….? read more…

Linking Adwords and Analytics Accounts

Ever get this message when trying to link Adwords and Analytics so you can track the success of an Adwords campaign?

Although this AdWords account is linked to an Analytics account, your AdWords login email address is not listed as a user on that Analytics account. Please contact the administrator of the Analytics account and request that they add you as a user to this Analytics account.

Many webmasters are left to scratch their heads asking: where is this phantom account preventing me from linking my accounts? We faced this issue and thought it was an old client that never took us off their Analytics. After searching high and low for the Google Adwords support email we came across a response we didn’t find in the forum. read more…

Why Google Instant Does NOT Mean the End of SEO

But Maybe the End to Longtail…

On September 8th, 2010 Google made an announcement that supposedly will change the landscape of search. Google Instant is supposed to deliver live results as you type. We’re not talking about the suggestion box of related queries, but actual results predictive to what you type. It’s supposed to save time, and maybe it will. Relevance to me as a user? I tweeted this (@distinctseo):

#googleinstant Fails b/c 90% of the time I use toolbars to enter queries. Then again the ‘new tech’ is probably not geared to me..

I’m sure there are many like me, but conversely, there are many more who aren’t. Then came a tweet from an astute friend who tweeted us about this post that claimed Google Instant will make SEO Irrelevant. The article is wrong for a number of reasons. read more…

MyHosting Spam Filtering Sold Separately. FAIL

What’s with our past week and Canadian hosts? I’m telling you, if someone wants to create a killer web hosting business in Canada that offers great valuable service coupled with exceptional customer service you will dominate the Canadian market. The service in Canada leaves me wanting; perhaps I haven’t found the right firm yet. read more…

Beware of ‘Free Domains’ With Cheap Web Hosting

This post is a piece to inform readers who are just starting out with their web endeavors. This particular post deals with the Canadian web hosting company 'Hostpapa', although what applies to them is similar to various other cheap web hosting companies.

Distinct SEO has a number of web hosts, some in Canada, some in the US. We canceled a smaller shared hosting account with Hostpapa, who were otherwise relatively good to us, that is until cancellation. The shared package we were on for a small test website had unlimited bandwidth and space for about 100 bucks a year. It also came with a ‘free domain’. We keep all Canadian domains with one registrar Netfirms, and all our other ones with Godaddy. This is mostly because they are the cheapest in the field for renewal and we’ve never had issues with either. This one particular domain was the only one with another registrar, so it was easily forgotten until it came time to move.

read more…

Don’t Fret About Google Caffeine

Webmasters trying to vie for the top spot in the organic search results like to pay attention to all the latest news and changes from the almighty Google. The last algorithm change called ‘Caffeine’ came out a few months ago and I can honestly say I didn’t pay much attention. Sure I caught a few important tidbits here and there, but overall I never developed interest.

Why? It may seem counter intuitive since SEO is a crucial component of a holistic web marketing strategy, but I’ve learned over the past 7 years watching Google that some things don’t change. read more…

Google Places (Local) Now Permits Replies to Customer Reviews

The power of user generated reviews on web sites or general business directories is powerful. Consumer markets ranging from Future Shop to Canadian Tire all permit a level of user generated reviews for products. Why is this crucial to generating sales online?

Firstly, the web is used as a vehicle to research new purchases. It’s been shown that negative reviews actually do more to turn a sale then positive ones.

Secondly, negative reviews (and positive) permit the business owners to reply and engage the issue. read more…