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Death of Press Releases for Traditional and Online Media

A blog post fromt is simply reiterating what people in the traditional media industry already know: the press release is going the way of the dino.

There was even a time, albeit brief, when press releases had their hay-day online. For 250 bucks you could get your news story published online on all the major search engine news rolls. During that time (6 years ago maybe?) you would actually get a link from your news releases, and those links were found on news sites (pretty important websites). That meant increased ranking for your website.

So hack SEOs clamoured to release pressers, of course, 95% didn’t have 250 bucks to spend on a legit release, and fewer still wrote a presser for–well–the press. read more…

Bing Caught With Pants Down – Stealing Google Results

Well maybe a better metaphor is Bing was caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Bing (Yahoo now uses Bing to power their results) has been slowly chipping away at Google’s market share perhaps attributed to their improved search results.

Well in comes a somewhat ludicrous revelation from Google reps that part of the Bing algorithm is to steal Google rankings. read more…

Avoid Domain Registry Canada or Pay 200% more

A number of people have blogged about their resentment towards Domain Registry Canada. Long story short they are a domain registrar, like countless others in Canada, that actually targets .CA registered domain owners with direct mail.

The fishy thing is these guys make their letters look VERY professional, and they almost pass off as if they’re A) Some type of over-arching Canadian registry authority, B) Your domain registrar.

Let me break down Domain Registry Canada in very simple terms anybody can understand: they charge FOUR TIMES more than the lowest domain registrar for .CA domains I could find. That in itself should make your decision simple. read more…

Hey Realtors Are Your Websites Mobile Friendly?

I’ve been driving by this house near where I live. It’s been for sale for ages, same Realtor too. The housing market isn’t what this post is about, however. Rather, it’s about what was on the Realtor sign–a website.

Fair enough, I was curious to see what the price for said home was so I did what anybody driving in a residential neighborhood would do, I used my mobile device to check out the Realtor’s website.

Now, unless you’re the type that drives around residential neighborhoods stealing open Wi-Fi networks, then the only way you’re going to remember/visit a website for a Realtor while driving is by writing it down, or using your mobile device. read more…

Top Ten Tips for SEO On Your Church Website Revised

*Updated for 2011*

SEO For Your Church or Non-Profit Organization

This post was originally launched in 2008. One of the key leadership development organizations for non-profit and mostly church organizations released a document a while back outlining their keys to SEO for churches. While we are thrilled SEO is finally getting a bit of attention, we also want to contribute to Leadership Network’s SEO top ten list because we feel it’s incomplete.

Admittedly they did a good job, the information was/is mostly current. However, they missed some glaring and crucial components to SEO. Here is an updated version of the basic yet crucial SEO aspects every website needs to have (for 2011). read more…

Google Using Facebook and Twitter Links as Ranking ‘Signals’

Did you hear? Last week Google and Bing confirmed they are using Twitter and Facebook links to add relevance their news and organic rankings. Here’s Google’s rep Matt Cutts with more.

The news doesn’t come as much of a surprise, it’s more of a confirmation on the rumors that have been circulating for months. What is interesting about the whole revelation is how the links are being used. So any Twitter or Facebook link, even if it’s ‘nofollowed’ has the propensity to add some form of ‘Social Rank’ to your website.

We don’t know what the specific value is of these links, but it also appears more important ‘people’ have more trust. I wonder how this is measured… read more…

How to Piggyback off of Piggybackers – Facebook Cartoon Profile Pic Scam

Did you read this in the Facebook profiles of your friends?

Change your Facebook profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood and invite your friends to do the same. Until Monday December 6, by Tuesday there should be no human faces on
facebook, but an invasion of memories. This is to support “Stop Violence Against Children”

Well turns out it’s a scam. Nobody knows who started it (yet), and some even purport pedophiles got the message going. While that part is probably not true, what is true is the NSPCC didn’t start the fad but they could still capitalize on the attention. read more…

Mayor Nenshi’s Graffiti Piece in Kensington – Another Exercise in Social Media

Last week I was the top tweet in #yyc for a few days cause of a picture I took in Kensington.

Check out the @nenshi graffiti i saw in kesington! #yyc #calgary

Here’s the pic in case you haven’t seen it.

nenshi graffiti

I want to point out how this picture could launch someone’s career and that social media was the method to spread the art like wildfire. All for free by the way :P read more…

An Exercise in Catchy Titles – Sensational Title Work by CTV on Sharks

If you’re going to remember to do just ONE thing for your entire website when it comes to on-page SEO then ensure you have clear, concise, witty, relevant, and unique title elements.

The title element is the piece of code that site between the <title>TITLE</title> in your HTML (usuallya t the top). It’s what the browser displays in the top bar and also what the search engines use to determine what keywords to rank you for.

It’s also crucial to ensure, like I mentioned, you put something concise in your title tag, and if it’s a content piece (or link bait piece), then the TITLE can make or break the success of your article. Here’s an example: read more…

Yahoo! Canada Directory Shutting Down – US Next?

If you’ve ever had an SEO claim the need for paid directories like Yahoo! then you’ve been hosed. When we first started in 2004 a Yahoo! link was the claim to fame, but did it really help? Jury is out on that one, but now it doesn’t matter. Yahoo will be shutting down the Canadian and UK directories (they’ve already closed some European markets) November 18th. read more…

Calgary Election an Excercise in Social Media: Lessons Learned

Why Nenshi Won and How an MLA will Lose his Job

I tweeted this at the beginning of August about Naheed Nenshi’s mayoral campaign that was just getting off the ground:

@nenshi will win the mayorship if he mobilizes the under 30 vote a la Obama. #yyc #calgary

Naheed won and he did it by doing what I said and MORE. He employed tactics Obama used which were quite simply competent communication. Now, Naheed didn’t win solely based on his fantastic using social media campaign (rest assured every candidate in four years will have EXTENSIVE social media campaigns, no more surprises), but social media DID enable him to get his message across to the masses (from 3% to 40% support).

But there are three stories from this election that solidify social media as crucial player in the world of marketing. read more…