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Don’t Fret About Google Caffeine

Webmasters trying to vie for the top spot in the organic search results like to pay attention to all the latest news and changes from the almighty Google. The last algorithm change called ‘Caffeine’ came out a few months ago and I can honestly say I didn’t pay much attention. Sure I caught a few important tidbits here and there, but overall I never developed interest.

Why? It may seem counter intuitive since SEO is a crucial component of a holistic web marketing strategy, but I’ve learned over the past 7 years watching Google that some things don’t change. read more…

Google Places (Local) Now Permits Replies to Customer Reviews

The power of user generated reviews on web sites or general business directories is powerful. Consumer markets ranging from Future Shop to Canadian Tire all permit a level of user generated reviews for products. Why is this crucial to generating sales online?

Firstly, the web is used as a vehicle to research new purchases. It’s been shown that negative reviews actually do more to turn a sale then positive ones.

Secondly, negative reviews (and positive) permit the business owners to reply and engage the issue. read more…

This Week’s Lessons in Social Media: Old Spice Man & Facebook

Think social media is a bust? If your boss thinks radio and newsprint are the way to go then you either have a very tiny and late adopting niche market, or your boss is a nut job. This week we’ve been delivered two astounding pieces of info that solidify social media as THE marketing vehicle of tomorrow. The thing is, it’s already here TODAY! What do I mean?

Check out Old Spice, where I could smell like the Old Spice dude, but man, I just don’t look like him….


read more…

The Latest on How Google Searches

Great post at Endgadget with Google engineer Amit Singh that provides some delightful insight with how Google searches that accentuates the search engine’s continued innovation.

Of particular interest in Engadget’s summary include: read more…

One SiteMap to Rule Them All

Google is now thinking about evolving beyond protocol in favour of an all encompassing format that can contain videos, images, mobile URLs, code or geo information.

For full details visit the Google webmasters blog.

Does Google Use LSI? LSI Services and Their Relevance to SEO

An interesting discussion is heating up over at SEO Chat where I am one of the moderators.

The conversation is about LSI, or latent semantic indexing. That’s a fancy way to describe how search engines may deliver synonymous results for a query that doesn’t contain particular keywords.

The relevancy to SEO directly is almost zero. In fact, so-called SEO firms delivering LSI services are blowing smoke in your face–it’s simply a scam.

So what about LSI? What can we take away, what’s useful, and what should we ignore? read more…

TAOM Comes and Goes – Why Social Media Triumphs

The Art of Marketing came to Calgary June 14th, 2010, for a full day of special guests who shared very similar messages. In fact, the marketing visionaries and bestselling authors should NOT have shared ground-breaking concepts for the marketing attendees because what they were sharing should be evident. The ‘advent’ of social media, and the wealth of interaction companies can achieve with their customers IS upon us NOW. Does that include you? Are you there when people are looking? read more…

We’re Rebuilding

Distinct SEO is currently in the process of rebranding and revamping the web site. You may discover some dead ends, but mostly it will be business as usual.

We’re also going to post up some thoughts on the recent Art of Marketing conference that took place in Calgary tomorrow so stay tuned for that!

The Art of Marketing is Coming to Calgary

**updated June 6th**

You still have a few days to get tickets to TAOM which arrives in Calgary this coming Monday. Watch out for tweetups and meetups. Be sure to bring many business cards and say hi to me since I’ll be there (along with 4 new friends who WON free tickets from Distinct SEO through Twitter and Facebook!

Following a SOLD OUT conference in Toronto, The Art of Marketing is coming to Calgary June 14th, 2010, and we have free tickets to giveaway and discount codes! Join North America’s leading marketing visionaries and bestselling authors as they share ground-breaking concepts that have transformed marketing strategies and advertising practices globally.


read more…