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Google Webmaster Tools Expands Keyword Data

If you haven’t signed up for three of Google’s powerful marketing tools (they are FREE) then you’re WAY behind the eight ball. Get one Google account and sign up for Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, and Google Website Optimizer, (Google Adwords too if you run ads).

Last week the team behind GWT announced an exceptional feature that will change how webmaster/marketers conduct market and keyword research. GWT have added more data and charts for your top search queries. They are now providing a monthly value for impressions and CTR (click-through-rates). Now you can find out, if you’re on the first page, how many people are actually search a particular keyword (by impressions), AND you can now find out how many people are clicking through based on your ranking. read more…

Does a Keyword in Your Domain (URL) Help you Rank Higher?

There is an ongoing debate whether a keyword in your domain name helps you rank higher. The truth is yes and no (isn’t everything yes and no these days?)

URL in domains would be something like:

Fact is, the keyword (KW) in the domain itself DOES NOT help you rank higher. However, the KW indirectly helps you. Here’s how. read more…

PR Sculpting: Pros and Cons

PR sculpting is an attempt by the webmaster to ‘funnel’ Page Rank into important places on a web site. Google gives each web site a certain ‘amount’ of Page Rank based on a number of factors but primarily weighted on how many incoming web links you have (relevant important web site send more PR versus irrelevant weak web sites). The idea was you could send PR to important pages over less important ones (like a privacy page) and then reap the benefits off increased rankings.

Well the age of PR sculpting is probably over. I say probably because on one hand sculpting with the ‘nofollow’ tag on links (ex. <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”/>) doesn’t work. On the other hand, you CAN impact how Google flows through your web site and indirectly benefit important pages. Here how. read more…

Google Updates on Redirects

Eric Enge from StoneTemple Consulting has yet another exceptional interview with Google web spokesperson Matt Cutts. Check it out the transcript here.

Of particular interest include how host load impacts crawl rate, and how 301 redirects pass page rank. The former can be impacted by a slow server (shared servers beware?), the latter does not pass full PageRank using correct 301 redirect….

Crazy for CrazyEgg

Are you aware of If not then you should check it out. There once was a time when the only data you could retrieve about your users was from your server log files. Then Google Analytics came into the picture and started adding powerful free analytical tools for webmasters. You should be using Analytics and their variety of testing tools. However, one of the items that Analytics hasn’t refined is the Overlay feature that shows how many times each link on a particular page is clicked.

Overlay in Google counts ALL clicks for a particular link and thus the data for ONE particular page isn’t correct. In comes CrazyEgg that manages to track individual click by page and not by site. Not only do they have an accurate count of clicks on links, they have cool heatmap and confetti views that show you where people click (precisely where), and where that user came from (color coded).

Add another weapon to your analytics arsenal because after all, the only competitive advantage you have online is your own brand and data.

Curious Google Local Results for Concert Ticket in Results

Physical Address Crucial–Even When It’s Not Yours

I was doing a search yesterday for the date of the John Mayer concert in Calgary. Now instead of going to Ticketmaster I figured I’d check what Google had to say. Who knows, maybe they’d do some cool result like they do when you ask for metric to imperial conversion with numbers (answer displayed at the top of the results). I typed in the query ‘John Mayer Calgary’ and was a bit surprised with the results. Have you noticed this? read more…

How to Effectively Use Flash on Your Website with SEO in Mind

You’ve seen the web sites, they’re full of flash. It’s sometimes fun from a user experience standpoint. Flash generally opens the door up to be more creativity in how your web site functions and interacts with users. From video to on-page interaction, when used effectively flash can be a useful addition to any web site. However, you can go too far. Also, you need to keep in mind some rules when thinking about how your web site will rank in the search engines.

Firstly, web sites that are 100% flash are generally invisible to the search engines. read more…

Thoughts: Is Google Stealing and Hijacking Your Traffic?

I really appreciate alternative voices, not just because they go against the grain, but because it’s necessary to have opposition to expand perspectives. No point having a company or industry with a bunch of yes-men, you’ll never discover or fix problems. Take a read on one of my favorite ‘alternative perspective web marketing’ blogs on the topic of ‘Google Stealing Traffic‘.

Great read, and brings up a few questions that I want to muse about here. read more…

Distinct SEO Launches Web Marketing Coaching Service

A new offering here at Distinct SEO complements our existing SEO training program. We now offer web marketing coaching along with our SEO training. What does that mean and how are they different? Our SEO Training program typically provides students with a foundational session where all the basics of on-page optimization (SEO) are taught. Coaching takes our training session to the next level. read more…

Post Modernism in Business and Marketing

You don’t hear much about post modernism outside of philosophy and theology. Fact is, post-modernism is the framework by which people think. Not all people mind you. Generally those under 35 look at the world through the lens of a postmodernist. An interesting article came out on how leadership in business will have to adapt to engage the postmodern generation in the workforce.

read more…

What Haiti Teaches Us About Social Media

The tragedy that has hit Haiti brought a number of marketing initiatives to the forefront that would otherwise remain in obscurity. For example, not everyone uses or even knows about the micro-blogging platform ‘Twitter’. To those who are early adopters of technology, and even the early majority, it’s seems silly to even talk about Twitter as if it didn’t exist. Same could be said about text messaging. More people have cell phones, the vast majority are aware of txt msging, and slightly less participate in the activity.

But how are these tools being used to mobilize networks into action?

To those who have not participated in social media and new media technologies, Haiti has revealed a whole new world. read more…

SEO Training in Calgary

Did you know you can work 1 on 1 with a representative from Distinct SEO Inc? If you’re in the Calgary area you chances of sitting down with our experts is even higher!

Distinct SEO has long offered an introductory SEO Training program that is conducted primarily over the phone in a two hour session. We can teach you the foundational elements on how to build a successful web site according to the latest SEO standards.

If you live in the Calgary area then you have the opportunity to enroll in our training program and at no extra cost we can connect at your place of business, a coffee shop near you, or in a space provided by Distinct SEO.

Take advantage of our training program and learn the foundational elements of SEO and how you can propel your business to the next level of sales and exposure.

Corporate clients are not left out of the dark either, Distinct SEO is capable of training a your IT and/or marketing department with the necessary tools to propel your brand and web site to prominence in your target market. Get in touch for details on our program and topics covered. read more…