Webmasters trying to vie for the top spot in the organic search results like to pay attention to all the latest news and changes from the almighty Google. The last algorithm change called ‘Caffeine’ came out a few months ago and I can honestly say I didn’t pay much attention. Sure I caught a few important tidbits here and there, but overall I never developed interest.

Why? It may seem counter intuitive since SEO is a crucial component of a holistic web marketing strategy, but I’ve learned over the past 7 years watching Google that some things don’t change.

To the user who builds their website with the fundamental building blocks Google (and people) have always cherished you’ve never (and should never) been faced with a massive ranking loss when the ranking algorithm changes. Building a website based on providing quality and value added content to your target market has always been the primary goal for Google search. Content is and will always be king, and when you have the content, you’ll attract the second biggest piece of the puzzle–incoming web links.

From there it’s rinse wash and repeat. Don’t fret with the latest changes or ‘tactics’ to reach the top of the search engines, it’s all white noise. Instead, brainstorm your next great content piece–a much better way to spend your valuable time.