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Today: 6 Ways to Promote RSS Feeds

Wait a minute, that doesn’t rhyme with ‘six geese are laying’…. Welcome to the search engine optimization 12 days of Christmas brought to your buy Distinct SEO. We’re half way done, if you’ve missed the first 6 they are linked above. Without further ado let’s continue.

RSS is another method of getting your web content to your user faster and more efficiently. The majority of blogs come complete with RSS/XML/ATOM/News Reader abilities, and it’s up to you the webmaster to take advantage of them.

Keeping abreast on the tacts of RSS/blog promotion will help you a) retain users, and b) increase traffic. Without further ado, here is our top six tactics.

6. Regular SEO – Just because you have a blog doesn’t mean you don’t need to accomplish some basic SEO on your blog posts. Maybe you don’t spend the hours in keyword research, but focus on some important things like:

  • Ensure blog links have dashes as separators
  • Include your blog pages/blog in link campaigns/promo
  • Include some quality keywords
  • look at some good blog plugins that will help retain users
  • Do the research on your market so you have a better idea what kind of content they like
  • maybe throw in some embedded content like Youtube videos or images

5. Free RSS/XML Directories – Just like free web directories, the equivalent exists for RSS. Here is a nice link that is routinely updated with the best places to submit your blog feed for free. RSS Top 55.

4. Regular Content Updates – Some of the top blogs and social media places out in www land update their content hourly. Every time you visit there’s something fresh and worthy to click on. Even if it’s not a unique post, just a link to something news worthy, you may collect strong comments about the subject on your blog.

3. Tell a Friend – Word of mouth remains a viable way to attract legitimate interest from relevant bloggers. If you have a network either online or in real life, push them your blog. Friends also help boost you in social media bookmarking sites….

2. Social Bookmarking – Do you see those little tags on all those blogs out there? You’ve probably encountered buttons reading DIGG, REDIT, NEWSREADER, FEEDSTER, DEl.ICIO.US, ETC. Some exceptional traffic may come as a result of carefully crafted blog posts. Great content that is unique and catchy will yield top placements in these social bookmarking web sites. Rank number on in Digg’s ‘Digg engine’ and you’ll reap thousands upon thousands of hits. Don’t over do your submissions (hopefully people will DIGG for you), but do attempt to create ‘Diggable’ content. The best part is you can score some one-way links for free if you do it right (apart from the great traffic.)

1. Ping Services – Tell the major blog when you’ve updated your website. I routinely find myself number one for a number blogs just by pinging Google blogs. Here is a list that you can use in your ping service.


Oh, and by the way, track your RSS feeds using the free service from Feeburner (now owned by Google). And finally, you’ll probably want to ‘nofollow’ all instances of your /feed/ on your web site to prevent Page Rank bleed.