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Ten Lord’s a Link-Baiting”

Today: “Nine Ladies SEOing”

Been to PubCon? SES? It’s a sausage fest. It’s not even complemented with ‘web girls’ like E3 and their ‘game girls’. All joking aside, where is the female presence in SEO? OK, admittedly there was the ‘SEO Ladies who Lunch’ at SES Chicago…but come one, grassroots movements?

We have some names over at SEOmoz, Vanessa Fox, Dazzling Donna, etc., but in reality this marketing industry is dominated by males.

In my opinion, SEO firms should be actively pursuing the hire of competent females not for sake of equity but because a huge component of SEO revolves around marketing trends. Brainstorming ideas that will offer exceptional link bait or product ideas sets apart the regular from the elite. Creating these unbeatable strategies are key to any marketing plan. Last I checked, ladies buy things online too, surf the net, etc.

Who’s better at understanding female markets, products, and trends than the ladies themselves? Are we restricting SEO male-dominated markets? Perhaps there is a relatively untapped niche here. Your thoughts?