Great post at Endgadget with Google engineer Amit Singh that provides some delightful insight with how Google searches that accentuates the search engine’s continued innovation.

Of particular interest in Engadget’s summary include:

1. Image optimization. Before you had to ensure you placed alt tags with images so the search engines could understand what the image was about. Although that still hasn’t changed, Google has innovated beyond just using alt tags and are starting to capture colors, shapes, and other optical data.

2. Google is connecting languages. Before you could copy your web site verbatim into a new web site. You still can, but now the results may return additional results from other languages (albeit badly translated from what I can surmise).

3. Personalised search continues to expand and a potential connection between Google ID and Twitter (just a dream?)

4. Twitter rules when it comes to breaking news (and accessing the content associated with that content. Google is now stremlining their search process to include feeds, Twitter, Myspace, etc. to provide results faster in breaking news.

5. Another dream for Google’s information retrieval includes this concept:

His example illustrates this well. Imagine that you have to buy a new cricket bat because your old one’s broken and you happen to have an hour of free time between meetings one day. Your phone knows about your shopping needs because they’re in your to-do list and it knows about your meetings because they’re in your schedule. All it needs is your location (which, of course, it has) and some local area information, and it’ll ping out a message advising you that you can just pop down the road, buy that wooden stick, and be back in time for your 2PM with Marty from the Synergy Department.

I can’t believe we’re that far off from this….