There are a few important announcements from Facebook that you should pay attention to. The moves, which won’t come to as a surprise to many, will continue to solidify Facebook’s market position as the most popular destination. The first, a ‘potential’ revolution from Bing that will impact search:

1. Bing social search hits Facebook.

Bing is apparently revolutionizing (again) search, this time touting their capability to get focused results based on your social network. No more ones and zeros (binary) but now it’s all about results based on input from your community. Check out the results and post your thoughts.

2. Skype 5.0 Released – Integrates with Facebook

Skype 5.0 now available with group video, but also capabilities to log in with Facebook Connect and call your Facebook friends. Another example of how voice will soon be replaced by data for all your long distance calls.

3. Facebook and Playspan on Facebook Credits.

A number of marketing professional have touted Facebook credits as the next form of online currency to pay attention to. Yes, it’s all about gaming for now, but what happens when the world’s largest website starts to use their own currency (and everyone gets on board). You’ll have to start thinking about ways to get on the gravy train.