Here is a blog post, used with permission, from a Female under the age of 25. Why is the age relevant? Because she is the typical consumer in today’s economy. If you don’t take notice to her behaviour then in 5 years your business is going to be left out in the cold…. Enjoy (the article)!

I do not own a TV. I repeat: I don’t have a TV anywhere in my house. I know a lot of people have TVs and no cable – so they can watch movies but I don’t have a TV. I have a computer in the living room and it is on this computer that I watch all movies and TV. It’s been this way for over a year and the change in my life has not been insignificant. I first noticed this when I went to babysit for my sister for three days. While the kids napped, I turned on the TV to mindlessly surf the channels like back in the day. I was shocked at what I saw… in myself. First of all, the commercials were torture! I couldn’t handle it for more than 20 minutes. I then realized that I hadn’t watched a TV commercial for a full year. I also don’t listen to the radio – so I’ve totally lost my tolerance for being forced to watch/listen to stupid advertisements.

However, I must confess to you what my daily schedule looks like:

I wake up and check gmail – then hotmail, then facebook. I spend about 15 minutes on facebook looking at pictures and commenting on status’ and blah blah. Then I check casttv for the latest Viral Videos. About a year ago, the Viral vids were usually funny/goofy homemade videos but now, of the 20 viral vids, about 18 of them are music videos (and one is always Justin Beiber). Why do I go? Well I go for those 2 of 18 of course. I am religiously committed to checking out what youtube video has had the most views that day. First of all – it’s amazing to me that a youtube video can get millions of views a day, and I just must contribute to the number of views. Then I’ll probably go on some stupid blog like or some other fairly inappropriate blog that is sure to make me laugh. And THEN – if I still have time, I’ll probably go right to youtube and look up latest movie trailers (I waste TONS of time watching movie trailers… probably 1/30 stands out and I watch it) and most of the time, I just enjoy watching the way trailers are done. I try to find parody s of trailers like the Literal Harry Potter of the dumb and dumber version of Inception – after gathering several hilarious vids I return to facebook and post them all on certain people’s pages.

I’ll probably repeat this process 5 times a day. No lie.

I still work full time and go to school and see friends and do all the normal human things… but I guess without TV – I still find time to spend about 2 hours a day on the internet.

Basically in the last year my life has been changed by social media. I will buy products if I see facebook status’ mention them – I’ll attend events in Calgary if a friend mentions it on facebook and I’ll even seek out commercials to watch if they’re witty and clever or just plain ridiculous (thanks Old Spice Man). Never once have I clicked on a pop-up or an advertisement on the side bar – but if there was a Viral video for a funny toyota commercial – you bet I’d watch it and show all my friends. In fact – here’s another confession to make. I spend A TON of time on – it’s a website built 100% for marketers. I answer hundreds of stupid questions about myself and then the website tells me which products I would like from books to sunglasses to blogs to headphones. If I don’t know what movie to watch – I go to hunch and see what movie they think I’ll like. I’m so completely emerged in the facebook revolution (I don’t know what else to call it) that I just can’t get out – and I don’t want to!

Anyways, I’ve just been thinking lately about how much the world has changed since facebook and how much the younger generation will be isolated from the older generations.

Convinced yet? Ask anyone under 30 these questions: visit youtube often? watch TV? read a newspaper? read junkmail? know how to send a letter? watch commercials?

The answers are: yes, a bit, no, heck no, what’s a letter?, PVR.

Traditional media is being challenged (note, I didn’t say replaced). It’s time to innovate.