Venture Beat is reporting new numbers for Twitter that solidify its position as the #2 ‘search engine’ behind Google.

Over 800 million searches a day, or 24 billion in a month, for Twitter. That puts it at a search traffic level that’s 25% of Google and more than Bing and Yahoo! combined.


Are you on Twitter yet? Companies need to think of a) exposure, b) strategy, when it comes to engaging Twitter. Firstly, you don’t use Twitter as a function to distribute news (like a glorified radio station.) Rather, becoming participants in your niche market and among your potential customers will yield lasting results. Fact is, people are probably already talking about you on Twitter, you just have to enter the foray and lend your voice.

The time is now, if you’re not there when people search then what are you waiting for? The Google juggernaut is being challenged and it’s picking up steam; jump on board because you’re about to miss this gravy train.