When we were brainstorming linkbait for a client the prospect of infographics came up. Infographics are certainly nothing new, if you’re discovering them for the first time you may be behind the eight-ball in terms of adoption rate. In fact, for some niche industries, the online infographic has reached saturation point (some tech industries come to mind).

However, there are other industries and target markets, plenty in fact, that would clamour for a well presented infograhpic. Here are some ideas to help you along the creation of your own infographic to help achieve maximum reach and effect.

For starters, although it’s evident it bears repeating, write your infographic with your reader / target market in mind. The primary purpose isn’t to get links, or to create the most amazing and complex graphic scheme, it’s to create an interesting and useful piece of information for people.

Speaking of information, boring infographics with just line and bar graphs aren’t that interesting. Try to throw in info and graphics that essentially force people to say, “WHAT?! I have to share this!”

Speaking of sharing, that’s a massive leverage component. Social media can not only help spread your graphic, but it can also help raise awareness. Many Facebook pages also enable you to post your pictures which in some cases garners you an audience of tens of thousands. Unfortunately the flip side of that is you may garner likes and shares, but brand exposure is much harder to measure than, say, new incoming web links. Nonetheless, I can’t think of a better way to inform some of the key industry players about a new infographic other than Twitter and Facebook.

While you’re sharing keep in mind you can feature the graphic on your website and not just orphaned social media pages. Once you build a page on your website ensure you have a useful title and also methods that will enable visitors to easily share the post through their networks.

If you’re going to be viewed thousands of times then you want to have something not only memorable but concise as well. While creating this infographic for our client in the nursing industry, we had a TON of information to sift through. The trick was to pick a focus.

We found our focus specifically about RNs and their employment earnings. From there we played around with the presentation, kept it big and simple with very little text, and also kept the number of features to a minimum as well.

The result was a successful piece of link bait and brand exposure for the company. The infograhpic itself is one of, if not the, top infographics for nursing.

Simplicity, and of course great graphics and subject matter, reigns supreme when it comes to infographics. A great way to offer something relevant to your industry and raise your prominence.