20% Off Coupon for BOTW – Promo Code BOTW Discount

**Updated** BOTW Coupon – BOTW Discount

The latest working BOTW (Best of the Web) discount code for an usually long expiry date, Monday September 30th, 2012 is: FALL20 .

Use the Fall promo code by following this link and when prompted enter the BOTW coupon promo code: Fall20

You MUST follow the link below to take advantage of the deal. This BOTW discount offers a 50% discount and on the BOTW Directory (botw.org), BOTW Blog Directory (blogs.botw.org) and BOTW UK Directory (botw.org.uk).

Current working coupon for BOTW.org: Fall20 is good for ALL submissions.

Directory Submissions

    - Save on both the annually recurring and/or the one-time review fee.

Blog Directory Submissions

    - Save on the one-time review fee for blogs.


    - Discount the monthly and annual rate for your UK Directory listing.

Submit to BOTW’s directory options and save this month on all submissions, enjoy! Offer expires September 30th, 11:59PM.