50% Off Coupon for BOTW – Promo Code BOTW Discount

**Updated** BOTW Coupon – BOTW Discount

The latest working BOTW (Best of the Web) discount code for ONE DAY ONLY, April 20th, 2015, is: 21YEARS .

Use the Fall promo code by following this link and when prompted enter the BOTW coupon promo code: 21YEARS

You MUST follow the link below to take advantage of the deal. This BOTW discount offers a 50% discount on all products including the BOTW Directory (botw.org), BOTW Blog Directory (blogs.botw.org) and BOTW UK Directory (botw.org.uk).

Current working coupon for BOTW.org: 21YEARS is good for ALL submissions.

Directory Submissions

    – Save on both the annually recurring and/or the one-time review fee.

Blog Directory Submissions

    – Save on the one-time review fee for blogs.


    – Discount the monthly and annual rate for your UK Directory listing.

Submit to BOTW’s directory options and save this month on all submissions, enjoy! Offer expires April 20th, 2015, 11:59PM.


  1. it works, thanks,

  2. Works today. Thanks, saved me 50 bucks.

  3. it works, thanks. 20%

  4. As of Dec 16th this saved me 25%! That’s 70 bucks!

  5. would you by any chance have the coupon code for jan 2009? would be nice to save 25% for BOTW ;D

  6. Yeah, it would be nice if there was a discount code for Jan….I missed this one…:(

  7. They typically only release coupons once a quarter. So check back often to save! We’ll post it up immediately, be patient, it’s worth the savings.

  8. Please post it up asap! Thanks.

  9. MARCH 2009 is UP! Save 25%

  10. Yes … its up March 2009

  11. Any for April or May?

  12. usually a release comes every quarter. Next time would be June.

  13. The code you have entered (save25) for Promo: Save 25% in March 2009 has expired. Any new code???

  14. Ye, any new code for 2009?

    Anyone got promo code for BOTW in may?

  15. I don’t know if it’s truly worth the cash but it’s one of the few broad directories worth the cash. As soon as the new one comes out we’ll let you know.

  16. I have been checking their site for the past 2 months hoping for a new coupon code, but so far nothing. I thought for sure they would release a discount for the 4th of July, but they didn’t.

    I really wish they would offer $25-50 off soon, because I have at least one site I want to add (maybe even 2 or 3). The costs really add up fast. However, this is supposed to be a fairly good directory, so I feel it is worth it since it is only a one-time charge if you do the full amount.

  17. “save20″ promo code doesn’t work for me. Can anyone point me to a site where I can get an updated promo code?

  18. well that sucks, i missed it.


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