What’s with our past week and Canadian hosts? I’m telling you, if someone wants to create a killer web hosting business in Canada that offers great valuable service coupled with exceptional customer service you will dominate the Canadian market. The service in Canada leaves me wanting; perhaps I haven’t found the right firm yet.

Yesterday we posted about our issues with canceling with HostPapa. Today we’re blogging about an issue with MyHosting, our Canadian VPS provider (for how long we don’t know). It seems MyHosting bundles their email spam protection as a separate service. SEPARATE? WHY?! Email spam is SO BASIC that to not include it is like being hit with an ‘egg management’ fee; like buying a car and having the dealer say the tires are extra; like buying a cell phone and having the buttons sold separately.

What person DOES NOT want spam protection?

The thing is, MyHosting could include the cost they charge for the added spam license within their price and it would acceptable. But instead they have it as an add-on which makes the customer frustrated unnecessarily. So they could have included the charge and life would have been fine, but because it’s inexplicably treated as an add-on I have to voice my displeasure.

Please Myhosting, do yourself a favor and just include the spam license for your Plesk panels as part of the overall price. This was unnecessary time to add the addon.

Since we slammed a couple hosts, I suppose we should rain praise too. Our US host is top notch, they have 99% uptime, but most of all their customer service is bar none the best we’ve ever experienced. They aren’t the cheapest on the block but their service in both hardware and customer relations makes ServInt* a fantastic web hosting company (so far :P).

*We don’t mind promoting Servint since their service is great, and yes we’ll get a small token of appreciation from them if you decide to use their VPS services.