Google Webmaster Tool’s has a feature that permits users to see approximately how many clicks they get versus total searches made for a particular keyword.For example, keyword ‘blue widgets’ may have 10 000 impressions a month. The question I post to you is: What percentage of traffic do you think the top organic rank gets? 90%? 80%? 50%

Turns out that’s way, way too high. From all of my tests and observations top organic placement will yield between 15-30% of all impressions. That’s pretty low. And of course it gets even lower, exponentially (in reverse), as you go down the list from rank 2,3,4,5,6, etc.

Shocked? You shouldn’t be. Think of it.

Firstly, you’re not really ‘top spot’ if there are paid ads in your listing. So in actuality top organic listing may be fourth in the list. Secondly, not everyone will click on the first spot just because (although this number is minute). Thirdly, people who make a search, scan in a second, and then proceed to make another search clicking nobody.

Here’s the point. For all the work you invest to rank number 1 in the search engines you’re only getting on average 20% of all searches. That means if you aren’t differentiating you’re toast. If you don’t have an Adwords campaign going to get more ‘real-estate’ on the top page then you lose clicks. If you don’t have an appropriate title element you’re going to lose clicks. It also means you have to find additional ways to meet 80% of the people who didn’t click on your first place listing, ways which don’t necessary exist through a search engine.

Social media is one of the emerging markets that future customers use, so are you there? Are you looking beyond organic rankings to connect with your target market? If not then you’re fishing in a swimming pool instead of the sea…