With any kind of web work there are always different levels of investment. On one hand, when it comes to web design, you can hire designers and artists and create custom works for everything. On the other hand, you can update and revitalize your website relatively quickly and easily for a fraction of the cost.

There are many different options, particularly in free CMS (content management systems) like WordPress, that offer robust tools and ‘themes’ that provide out-of-the-box solutions for webmasters offering professional looks that are easy to install. Best of all many are free. With enough customizing options you can take a free theme and tweak it so it looks unique.

We work with many clients who want to update the look of their website. They have all the existing content and pictures, and simply need us to come in create something updated and new. These changes can be done relatively quickly, sometimes within a day to complete an updated website that meets all the latest standards and guidelines for the search engines.

Consider your options before updating, you’ll be surprised what can be done for relatively little investment and how quickly it can be completed.

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