Well we’ve taken a bit of a Summer’s lull in offering new SEO interviews but we’ve kickstarted things with a new addition. Enjoy!

1. Your vitals:

Name: Gazzahk (from SEOChat)

2. Defining SEO should be more than ‘on-page and off-page’ components. If you had to describe the industry to someone new what would you say?

SEO is about balance. Take a holistic view. Ranking without conversions are useless.

3. The SEO industry is continually evolving. Do you feel currently there is less emphasis on the ‘little things’ and even more weight given to content and relevant links?

It depends on what you define as little things. Quality content, quality links are so important but the right anchor text is a ‘little thing’ that is extremely important.

4. What’s more important to you? On page optimization or off-page optimization. I would say equal really.

The off page generates the LJ. The on page turns the link juice into traffic. Long tails are mainly result of on page. On page is easier in simple sense. But content creation is an endless task.

5. In your view, what are the top 5 must haves (if you think there are 5) for on-page optimization?

Content, content, content, content & everything else.

6. Same question, only this time aspects for off-page optimization.

Authority site links.

7. Name two web markets you believe are not yet saturated and have relatively higher than average ROI potential.

Local markets for most service industry products.

8. Looking in the crystal ball, where do you see SEO in the next year? The next five?

1 year – say bye bye to most non relevant links. 5 years . The way people will search using this will be different Voice activated search will become big. SEO will need to work out how to catch onto this. People will link computers to telly and want to search from sofa.

9. If I want to start offering SEO services. What basic essentials should I keep in mind?

I would just sell content creation ideas and networks.

10. I know nothing about SEO/SEM or web marketing. What are the most essential business aspects I should include with my marketing campaign?

Learn….. Spending money ignorantly will rarely result in the best ROI.

11. Getting quality one way links is getting much harder. What are some of the best strategies to consider when acquiring relevant and quality links?

Create quality content. Try for one or two big things. My best links come from something that took nearly three months full time work to create. Must have value to other webmasters.

12. Additional thoughts? Think of rankings like an online game. Learn the rules, devlop your strategies and tactics, play to win. If you do not like the game than employ someone who does.

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