This post will be more of a rant than offering anything of new information. If you haven’t picked up on the language yet, Google routinely performs what are called ‘data-pushes’. This is in essence a refresh of the data within the SERPS. Occasionally (less frequently) they perform algorithm updates.

For a complete idea of language visit Google Engineer Matt Cutt’s Blog

Matt Cutt’s has said the so called ‘data-pushes’ were a bi-monthly affair, today they are more frequent, perhaps every couple of days. My issues is this: something happened mid-December that really shook some web sites. Old data was beginning to show in the SERPs and some prominent web sites fell off the map. Conversely, in some industries better results were starting to show. Perhaps the sign of a new algo test? Well not according to Google.

A couple of web sites Distinct SEO owns experienced the drop. Two weeks later they recovered. However, two weeks yet again, there appears to be a major drop coming again. That is a full month of 3 widely fluctuating results. Certainly, this is NOT normal Google operations. Something is going on, a new test, a new algo, a new something, SOMETHING is not working efficiently over at the ‘Plex.

I am certain Google does not consider HUGE fluctuations in the SERPs as an efficient process of displaying the best results for their users. In light of this, I surmise there’s something else in the works that hasn’t been revealed yet. Quite frankly, I can’t stand massive ups and downs on a bi-monthly basis–the heart just can’t take it :P

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