Have your received a ‘warning’ from Google letting you know about the mobile usability of your website? If you haven’t, then check out this blog post. If you have a Google Webmaster’s account then you may have received a notice from them over the past month informing you of your website’s mobile compatibility.

If you have indeed received an email warning you MUST pay attention to it.

The email from Google Webmaster Tools Team will outline any mobile usability issues. The quick note will be informative, and will offer you solutions on how to transition from your existing website into a mobile friendly version. Hopefully this does not require a full out redesign.

What are your options?

You MUST pay attention to the warnings. It seems as though the shift in Google’s algorithm will be felt around the web. The impact is going to be bigger than many expect. Or to put another way, if you do not create a web friendly version you may be left behind in the search rankings.

To do nothing in this case isn’t an option. If you have a CMS then you may have more options than someone who has to update their entire HTML built custom website. If you run a robust ecommerce platform that’s not mobile friendly, and you’re just hearing about this now, then you may be racing against the clock, and paying a lot of money to re-develop your website. Regardless of where you’re at, if you’ve received a warning, start going through the steps to meet mobile standards and guidelines.

The change is because your users are increasingly using mobile and tablet devices to access the web. You want your content accessible, so this isn’t a random Google preference, but a way to ensure that your website remains relevant in a mobile age.