Well it finally happened. I dunno how it works, where they got my name and number, but I should have known that when I received a call today with ‘unknown’ in the display it was going to be spam. Spam on the phone you say?

Cold Calling for Web Hosting and Web Design is Phone Spam

A+ hosting (I can’t be sure it was them so I won’t list their web site) called me today and inquired whether I had taken care of some ‘recent web hosting woes’. I don’t recall asking anybody for help in my web hosting but hey, maybe that was the one liner.

What really got me was once I said I had no use for web hosting the conversation proceeded to, ‘can we offer you a service to increase your web rankings?’. My response, ‘no, I do web marketing myself.’

BUDDY, A+ Web Hosting, PLEASE! Do your damn homework at least. I should have rambled on and on to waste their time, but seriously, did you check the web site? Does it look like your web hosting/ web design/ web seo/ web marketing company can help me? Ha, uh no. Next time I get a call like this I’m going to set up a pitched squeal device that will render the cold call perpetrator listless and the company bankrupt. I swear it’s in the making….