It was bound to happen, they’ve been chatting about it for months, and some other Wiki languages have already implemented it. That’s right, ‘nofollow’ has been added all outbound links to Wiki English. That’s good news for many webmasters, users looking for quality info with external links, and Wikipedia.

This is bad news for newbie SEOs and web spammers. For ages they’ve been able to score suitable one way links, sometimes with significant PR, and help boost their web sites in the SERPS. Nofollow tags will change all of these tactics as soon as word spreads. (Remember, ‘nofollow’ attached to links means no PR weight that will be passed to your web site that helps boost your search engine rankings, but it will still be recorded.)

This isn’t all bad news though. Although external links will likely miss their usual spammy web sites, other more legitimate web sites may seek to press a bit harder to have their links placed at Wiki for the purpose of garnering additional traffic. I may do the same and press a bit harder simply for traffic reasons.

Of course, the converse may also be true. Webmasters may have the impression that the traffic from Wiki is worthy enough to continue their spam practices. This would in turn be met by a force of Wiki editors who have less spam to deal with and more time to scrutinize entries.

What does this change overall for SEO? Wiki is only used for traffic and perhaps some exposure/’promotion’. What it doesn’t do is help web sites with quality back links. You may see the interest in Wiki diminish as well since many webmaster I know actually added many pages to Wiki for the sole purpose of getting the link. That’s going to stop now.

In the spirit of the theme I have linked to the Wiki page with nofollow, they wouldn’t want it any other way. Wiki Nofollow page.

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