Yahoo Offers Webmasters Another No Directory Meta Tag

Congrats Yahoo, you finally delivered on a promise made six months ago. Yahoo has supported the NOODP tag for a while, but FINALLY they will support a similar tag for their own directory.

To bring you up to speed, NOODP meta tags prevent Google or Yahoo from using their (Dmoz) descriptions in your SERP results. If your search results have the directory description you can tell the search spiders to discard the directory meta in favour of your own on page meta description tag.

Like I said, Yahoo has finally said they will respect a ‘no directory’ tag, however, they did so in a manner that will force all webmasters to add tags to their code. Yahoo have developed their own unique meta tag that permits permits webmasters to discard Yahoo! directory descriptions and/or Open Directory descriptions. You will add the following:

<meta name=”ROBOTS” content=”NOYDIR” />
<meta name=”Slurp” content=”NOYDIR” />

There’s not point of using the first one since no other bots respect NOYDIR so use the second one. Yahoo! already respects the NOODP tag (which prevents the DMOZ description) and have now finally have added the Yahoo! directory support.

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