It’s nearly over, the wave of ezine article submissions is in the tail end of its life. At least that’s what we wrote about almost two years ago. Problem is, people still read old articles on web marketing that elevate this strategy. Does it work? Yes. Does it work well? No. What was once a viable method of both promoting content/products and getting one way links, has turned into an industry with only a handful of viable players. There once was a time where 300+ article directories would be active on any given day. That number is 10 percent the size today.

How do we know? Well for one, individuals with article publishing software would have, like I said, a slew of directories to submit one article to (assuming they submitted to all). Nowadays, every two weeks you’re removing more and more directories from the list because the domain has expired, the PR is zero, or new articles are not accepted/updated.

What does that mean for SEOs today? Quite frankly, you can still achieve some results in ezine submission. The number is smaller, the value is less, but for new web sites, a three articles to the 30 or so existing and updated ezine directories is about 100 one way links for free. But after this investment you should stop. The ‘threshold level’ for ezine directories would vary between web site size, however, 3 articles of mediocre quality is about the effort you should invest for a small web site.

What’s replacing the ezine? Get on board, the reasons ezines are shutting down is because the industry of web marketing is naturally progressing. You can easily update and inform your audience of the latest product through other channels. Social media and bookmarking, web blogs, etc., have replaced the ezine article.

This natural progression of the web marketing industry has stranded some webmaster and even some SEOs. Why? Quite frankly, they aren’t prepared and are amateurs. It’s harder to garner ranking results when your linking strategies incorporate creative and necessary marketing planning, require time investment for ideas (link-bait), and require a level of expertise to promote in the new medias. Quite simply, submitting to ezines was easy; the new wave of web marketing today is harder.

Of course, this isn’t a bad thing. Many ‘web marketers’ will be weeded out as their inability to adopt basic marketing principles will begin to show. For the small business owner with a web site, just remember, there’s a new method in town, and although some ezines are still around, social media optimization and the blog has effectively killed the ezine directory.

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