For those who say all metas have zero SEO significance I say you know little about SEO. From a ranking perspective META’s won’t help you (search for our other articles on META tags), however, from a search engine marketing perspective they will.

META description tags will provide your users a brief synopsis on what your site is about in the search results. For some Google algos actually defaulted to the Open Directory Project (ODP) description (DMOZ). Google adopted a META tag that would enable users to force the GoogleBot to drop the DMOZ description in favour of the on site META description tag.

Well now Yahoo has joined the fray, they too will obey the NOODP tag. As such, there will be a bit of a reshuffle at Yahoo so brace yourself for a mini kick in the pants. Your META tag should look like this if you want to prevent both Yahoo and Google from using the ODP description.

< meta content="NOODP" name="ROBOTS" />

That’s all for now folks.