We recently asked one of our small business clients to offers his thoughts on the service he received from Distinct SEO. Eric is owner and operator of www.palmtreeservices.com.au and approached Distinct SEO in late September, 2006. Admittedly, we are very pleased with his responses and that he has agreed to act as a reference for Distinct SEO (so you can validate his claims :P).

Here are some of his thoughts from the review questionnaire he answered.

Hi Eric, thanks for agreeing to complete our reference list questionnaire. Let’s start with question one: How did you find Distinct SEO?

From a SEO forum.

What made you choose Distinct SEO?

Their involvement and the genuine interest in helping. In the early stages their contribution was voluntary and free. However, not knowing CSS and HTML inside out I decided to delegate the task of reconfiguration a more SEO suitable site to them.

Describe your experience with the Distinct SEO team.

Excellent, many companies simply don’t respond, overcharge or think smaller websites are not worth their time. At Distinct you are not treated like a cattle in a branding queue. Their techniques work; they adapt quickly to a foreign environment which means they understand your business, its operating conditions, and your competitors.

Did we answer your questions correctly and concisely?

Yes, this if anything it has been an overkill in their work. They put you right in the loop and explain why certain things are being done.

Eric, You took our SEO training program, what did you think?

I learned a lot, I also found some great tools myself on the net. The biggest advantage is knowing how to pick the sites that are infront of you apart then figure out how to beat them. I have also helped other sites and seen them rocket off. It just pinpoints what to look for. I’m not saying I’m an SEO expert by any means but I do know what to look for. When I can afford it I may want a refresher or tougher one using some tools online with you to pull apart some sites.

Were you happy with your ranking results stemming from Distinct SEO’s work?

Yes, very impressive, now many pages are one the first page of Google. In fact they rocketed there from nowhere in less than 3 months.

What would you like to see different if you were to repeat your SEO process from the beginning?

Well, I’m unable to flaw the approach. It was very professional from the onset with clear guidelines of what you will get for your money. Honestly, keep it the way it is.

Anything else you’d like to add?

There is no shortage of experts in every field. Type SEO into Google and you’ll have pages of ‘experts’. Some offer a monthly fee to keep your site monitored and ontop of search results. Some what exuberant fees to guarantee results and analyze your site. Some will want you to rank on keywords that frankly no-one searches. Some have so many keywords their meta tagline looks like a dictionary. At Distinct SEO all the bull stops and the facts and realities step in, no nonsense results, they’ll tell it to you the way it is.

Thanks for your thoughts Eric, and thanks for agreeing to be a reference for us. If you’d like to reach Eric please Contact Us for his details.