Since about January 2009 we’ve offered a faith-based organization some consulting time on ranking their web site for some basic local terms. The organization itself is quite small, the web site has a presence far beyond their stature. What I means is the reach for the org is far greater online than it is currently within their city (which will hopefully switch around in the future). What we’ve discovered through our limited help is the relative ease to outrank, in this case, churches that have been in the ‘market’ online for years upon years.

This tiny faith based organization called wanted to rank for some basic terms like ‘calgary church‘. Makes sense. We did a few things and they did their part to write frequently. What we’ve seen in results is pretty encouraging. Without any web marketing budget, just through writing and some local links, the site is now 2nd (as of Dec 18th, 2009) behind the city web site on local churches.

Not bad. What does this highlight about faith based markets?

It leads us to the conclusion that we’ve seen in the past: faith-based markets are exceptionally easy to rank for.

There is no reason why other churches couldn’t implement the same basic adjustment this brand new web site web through–but alas we’ve found that non-profit organizations tend to be slow when it comes to accepting new technologies, and pretty much non-existent when it comes to innovation.

I would encourage all non-profits to embrace new mediums to connect with potential new eyes, and to figure out unique ways to communicate their message within the medium. It’s not as hard as you’d think.

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