Google recently announced that their browser Chrome, will start popping up messages to browsers who encounter unsecured websites starting in July. That means any non-secure website (http://), their visitors using the Chrome browser will get a pop up saying the website is not secure. This is surely have a negative impact on visitors unless a fix is made.

What needs to be done? If you are not running https (SSL) on your website then you need to install one. Sometimes web hosts will have a free option. Most of the time you’ll have to install one for your website. There are a few options depending on what kind of website you have, but the simplest version will run you about $10.

The move is a continuation of Google’s effort to make the web more secure. Although it will be cumbersome for websites that have little use for https such as personal blogs. But even they have forms and transfer information that can benefit from another layer of security.

Check out Google’s Security blog for more information on the recent announcement here.