New Media Rules – SEO Style

If you picked up this month’s Alberta Venture magazine you would have seen my contribution explaining elements of web marketing. (May, 2007) in the Alberta Venture, a provincial business magazine, some introductory comments were made in an article exploring various marketing models for web sites.

Although my take was brief, I did manage to get in a couple of key aspects about the SEO realm, albeit I would have liked more emphasis on SEO as a smaller component of the broader web marketing beast. There was also a comment I supposedly made,

“The internet is not necessary for every small to mid-sized business. Mom-and-pop outfits may not need SEO. If their customers are from the neighbourhood, traditional media hitting a localtrade area are likely the best option.”

Not really, I wouldn’t say SEO or the internet is not suited for any business. I would suggest that not everyone requires SEO consultation, but it doesn’t hurt to throw up a web site no matter how small your business or target market is.

Anyways, not too bad for a magazine that’s not technology focused. It was fun to raise ‘awareness’ about the web marketing world to those who may haven’t heard of it before.

Thanks to Michael McCullough (editor) for suggesting Colleen Biondi interview me. We met for just under two hours and I did my best to spill the beans on this realm we call search engine optimization.

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