Question is what 10,000 would you choose?

10,000 Facebook likes? 10,000 Twitter followers? 10,000 Instagram followers?

10,000 is the loose magic number that many marketers vie for. 10,000 people, when they are part of the same tribe, are included in that kind of stuff woodwork. enough foundation to permanently fund/fuel/purchase your product, service, or value.

Usually, however, even 10,000 followers won’t translate into regular sales.

But something else will.

10,000 people in your email list, a list that you have developed through hard work and years–will pay off in spades. Email lists continue to be one of the highest converting and most profitable ways to connect with your tribe. Are you building your email list? Are you generating value for people to build ’email’ trust? If not, you’re missing out.