Watch this stunning video.

In case you’re wondering, SpaceX is trying to LAND a rocket that went to space. Usually rockets are used once and then jettisoned off into the void of space. (Actually, they don’t disappear, the rockets, along with other space junk, sits in orbit.) But here we have, within days of the attempt, the company SpaceX sharing what is ultimately the failure to land the rocket safely on a barge in the middle of the ocean.

The rocket literally blew up on attempt.

But this is actually a success, and the attention SpaceX has garnered through their platform and strategy of sharing their success, secrets, and failures, has done wonders for their brand, but also the industry as a whole.

How does your business handle failure?

Do you turn bad reviews into positive ways to reach out to customers, fix your problems, or take a stand for the things you believe in?

Failure doesn’t need to be a bad word. Seek ways to treat failure as an asset and watch how your target market responds. People appreciate honesty far more than hiding truth. They also reward honesty with dollars.