The parent company of Distinct SEO, Distinct Enterprises, has ventured into the realm of print publication. Robarry Publications was launched largely to direct a new project called ‘Soul Coats’.

The rage in softcover art books right now is ‘adult coloring’. You’ve probably noticed the mass appeal this past Christmas. During that time our team was developing a concept for a niche market in the ‘adult coloring book’ world and are now thrilled to announce our own book coming out later this Spring!

Geared towards the Christian market, but broad enough to include all avid colorists, ‘Soul Coats: Restoration’ is a Christian adult coloring book coming in at 64 pages full of restorative scenes and scripture taken from the Bible. The art will rival the top books currently on the market. The concept will provide a unique book to a sub-market that may have a number of alternatives, but the quality just isn’t there. It was/is our intent to create a beautifully made project that will thrill creative inkers and pencilers.

Visit the website to keep track of production updates and to capture a few sneak peaks of upcoming scenes and art.

Good luck to the Soul Coats team!