Distinct SEO.com continues its search engine optimization training program designed to give foundational knowledge to webmasters, business owners, web designers, and others. By popular demand we have created a program that teaches the basic components of SEO with the purpose equipping you and your firm with the skills necessary to perform competent and profitable SEO.

Our clients have saved thousands of dollars by learning SEO skills themselves. Admittedly, through out two hour program you won’t receive what years and years of experience teaches you, however, that’s where we come in. Our training approach uses or experience combined with your web site as the foundation for all of our examples. Another popular feature is our one-on-one classroom setting. The majority of our sessions are completed via Skype between the webmaster and our instructor.

Ask questions relevant to your business, learn relevant and updated search engine optimization strategies, drive more traffic to your website. Convert more sales by learning the how to manage and perform profitable SEO.

Contact us to discuss training availability. A full curriculum is available upon request.