Small Business Owners Included

Interested in the web marketing industry and looking to get your start. Don’t have any clue where to begin? With the looming recession a number of folks are looking for ways to supplement their income by picking up on some existing transferable skills and applying them to the internet. Fact is you can learn search engine optimization and other aspect of web marketing in a matter of hours.

Got ideas? Business skills? Marketing skills? Some computer skills? Programming? Well why not work for yourself? If you’ve thought about it now take the next step and learn the foundations of SEO.

SEO Training by Distinct SEO

Take the introductory SEO training course from Distinct SEO for a unique one-on-one course that will provide you with the necessary tools to apply foundational SEO to your web site.

In reality, almost all of the SEO that happens to a web site (code and content) can be learned in a few hours. If you have even basic web knowledge you will be more than capable to take our course and learn the skills required to attract more traffic to your web site.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, spots fill up fast! We have a curriculum available upon request and will also incorporate your web site in all examples throughout our training time.