Google announced just over a month ago that they were starting to roll out country specific redirects for visitors to Blogspot. For Canadians that change happened over the past few days. Now if you visit any blogspot blog you will be redirect to rather than


I’m not sure if this impacts rankings, if anything it may improve local rankings slightly. The only problem with this notion is how PageRank flows from .com to .ca (or any other country). If all links point to .com then benefits to a .ca would be tepid at best.

The move, according to Google has more to do with their interest in combating duplicate content.

For SEOs who spend time, even briefly, measuring the value of blogs including, acquiring your information is going to take longer. Point to all US based marketers. Definite blow to everyone else. You’ll have to use a proxy to garner any metrics (albeit that info is always third party and unreliable.)

Alternatively you may request a specific country version of the blogspot content by entering a specially formatted “NCR” URL.

The ‘No Country Redirect’ will always display .com versions. For example: http://[blogname] – will redirect to the U.S. English blog.