How about 30 seconds?

It’s an odd question I see every once in a while: “how long does it take Google to index/find my website/new pages?”

Some people will believe you can ‘submit’ your website to the search engines, others will even go to great lengths to ensure their new website is found so they buy a service to address the need.

You can submit your website to the search engines, but that’s a bit backwards. (There was a time many years ago when submission was beneficial to get the ball rolling.)

Today, things have changed. It takes Google a very, very, very short time to find your content and put it in the search results–to the tune of 30 seconds.

You don’t need a popular website, but you do need some tricks.

Or I should say trick.

Does your company blog? They should. If you do blog then you should have an automatic feature that ‘pings’ news websites. One of those websites is the Google news site. Google news is ‘pinged’ when you publish new content in, say, WordPress. Generally they arrive and checkout the website.

Now how it all works behind the scenes between ping and index to results is beyond me. However, what I observed Saturday was a bit surprising and evidence Google can make the discovery and result correlation very fast.

I had just published a quick note on a website, published, then needed to find something related to the lecture I wrote about. The top 3 results were my site, but that wasn’t all, the words that were relevant to my search were in fact from the new post I had just published less than 2 minutes prior. (Yes, my personalized search was off.)

Here are the results:

Pretty impressive, and pretty easy too. Google is very active and very competent. Don’t underestimate their capability to find your website. It does, however, highlight the need to focus on building content for your website (and regular additions in a blog format) rather than worrying about how your website is indexed or how to induce more visitors by Googlebot.