As one of the moderators of the SEOChat forums I used to see daily spam from entry level ‘SEOs’ who think they can make a buck online by undercutting legitimate consultants by 80-95% off price points. The primary tactics used by inexperienced SEOs (not I’m not even referring to them as marketers in any sense) include directory submissions much to the chagrin to the industry. Directory submissions are an archaic strategy to acquire incoming web links. However, there is an exception.

Fact. Submitting to services for hundreds or even thousands of directory submission for the scant price of $20 bucks won’t yield positive results. Many claim the legitimacy of brandless directories because they believe their submissions have improved their rankings. But submitting to a 1000 web directories in a non-competitive market is not evidence of performance.

Having said this, all directories are not created equal (I”m not talking about Yahoo! or DMOZ directories). There are a handful of professional industries that require the purchase of industry directory links (listings) in order to be be competitive. What’s the common denominator with these links?

  • Personal Injury Lawyer
  • Real Estate Lawyer
  • They all exist in the law niche.

    For the most part it’s about half a dozen different legal marketing services that when all combined, yield enough ‘link power’ to send websites to the top of the rankings. Those websites include:,, Lexisnexis, Martindale (the owner of the first three),, and more.

    Purchasing exposure in these directories is not cheap, and for the most part they dominate searches for general keywords in the field.

    If a firm chose to ignore these directories they’d find a massive uphill battle that is exceptionally hard to conquer. Google views each law industry and understands that the big firms (and small ones) are all inter-connected with the law directories (or law resources). In their mind, in my opinion, if you are not listed within the key ones the website lacks trust.

    What are your experiences with very specific and quality niche related directories?