These are unofficial results since we didn’t do a thorough test, nonetheless, our comparison of major social media platforms yields one that consistently performs above the rest in terms of attracting engagements. The winner?

It’s Instagram.

Between Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Linkedin, Instagram consistently comes out on top when it comes to organic interactions for promoted and regular posts. Facebook remains the best in terms of creating targeted campaigns (they have the most data), but you generally have to be very specific with your target audience (usually you can’t generate these results simple using Facebook Ad features, you need to tailor your own target groups), or have a massive following.

Instagram has generally had 4-5X more interactions per post. It also seems you don’t require the same critical mass to generate buzz. Note, this doesn’t necessarily translate into revenue, but ovearall interactions are heads and shoulders over other platforms such as Pinterest and Facebook.

An interesting addition, something we’re still testing out, specifically for the handmade product market, is Etsy Advertising. The cost is akin to Adwords in the early days. It’s only a matter of finding a balance to reap conversions.

What about you? For a particular market, what social media platform do you have the best success in driving interactions and response rates?