Check out this link for an interesting graph from istrategylabs that compares user data from Facebook from 2011 to 2014.

The data shows what many have noticed already, it’s uncool to use Facebook. Or at least it’s uncool if you’re under the age of 17 and your grandma uses Bookface. Total Facebook users have in fact increased, but lost are the new generation of users who are off to micro blogging/ micro social media platforms they can quickly use with their mobile devices (i.e. SnapChat and Instagram).

The Facebook demographic shift follows a normal distribution curve of product adoption as well.

The laggards have finally joined the fray leaving the early adopters to venture out and find the ‘next big thing’. (I’m making the assumption technology adoption follows age demographics, which in some cases it does, but in others it doesn’t.)

Make note, that the adoption rate of the 13-17 year demographic is probably more of a reflection that tweens who are now teens never jumped into Facebook to begin with (you have to be 12 for an account), and not the teens who are older teens or young adults leaving in droves (although there’s a decent loss of 8% there as well.)